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Questions & answers 

Questions and Answers - here you will find answers to the most common questions concerning snapping turtles.

Category jump:

  General Questions    Snapping Turtles in Captivity    Hatchlings
  Solving Health and Other Problems

General Questions
Question #001 - What are turtles ?
Question #002 - How big do snapping turtles get, and how long do they live ?
Question #003 - Are they good swimmers ?
Question #004 - Where do snapping turtles live ?
Question #005 - How many types of snapping turtles there are ?
Question #006 - How do the snapping turtles breathe ?
Question #007 - How do the snapping turtles reproduce ?
Question #008 - What is the difference between a male and a female snapper ?
Question #009 - When do they lay eggs and hatch ?
Question #010 - Are they dangerous ?
Question #011 - The difference between common and alligator snapping turtle ?
Question #012 - Can they live in salt water ?
Question #013 - What do the snappers do in the winter, do they hibernate ?
Question #014 - What is an albino snapper ?
Question #015 - Are snapping turtles endangered ?
Question #016 - Where can I find a 'snapping turtle' club on the Internet ?
Question #017 - Where can I find photographs of snapping turtles ?

Questions TOP

Snapping Turtles in Captivity
Question #018 - Where can I buy my pet snapping turtle ?
Question #019 - Can I catch a snapping turtle and bring it home from the wild ?
Question #020 - Where should I keep my pet snapper ?
Question #021 - How fast do they grow ?
Question #022 - Can I keep them with other turtles ?
Question #023 - What do I feed them ?
Question #024 - Do they need a basking area and a basking light ?
Question #025 - Do I have to feed them in water ?
Question #026 - How should I handle my snapper ?
Question #027 - Can I pick it up by its tail ?
Question #028 - Can I tame my snapper ?
Question #029 - Should I hibernate my snapper ?

Questions TOP

Question #030 - Where should I keep a hatchling snapping turtle ?
Question #031 - What should I feed a hatchling ?
Question #032 - Can I keep many snapper hatchling together ?
Question #033 - Can I keep them with other turtle hatchlings ?
Question #034 - Are they aggressive ?
Question #035 - How big my hatchling will become in a year ?
Question #036 - Can I keep my hatchling or juvenile snapper in a big tank with deep water ?
Question #037 - Can I release it after becomming too big for me ?
Question #038 - My new hatchling does not eat - should I worry ?
Question #039 - I found a hatchling, what can I do to save it ?

Questions TOP

Solving Health and Other Problems
Question #040 - What should I do when finding a hatchling in my driveway ?
Question #041 - What should I do when I find turtle eggs ?
Question #042 - How to make an incubator ?
Question #043 - What should I do after the turtles hatched ?
Question #044 - Is it ok to release my turtle ?
Question #045 - What to do after finding an injured turtle ?
Question #046 - How to get rid of the algea and slime on my turtles' shell ?
Question #047 - Can I get rid of algea in the tank ?
Question #048 - My turtle has white or gray spots on it's body, what is it ?
Question #049 - Should I be afraid of salmonella ?
Question #050 - My snapper won't eat, what should I do ?
Question #051 - My snapper is too fat ! Should I put it on a diet ?
Question #052 - Two snappers in the same tank and one of them is very aggressive. What to do ?
Question #053 - I have snappers in my pond, what should I do ?
Question #054 - How can I catch a snapping turtle ?
Question #055 - Where can I read and learn ore about snapping turtles ?

Questions TOP

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