Modern Art

My creating of modern art has greatly evolved throughout the years. I have always been interested in experimenting with variety of medium and styles. I would try anything - and at one point I even used toothpaste to finish off one painting when white was not available.

My early paintings were greatly influenced by the mixture of the reality of living in Poland and my own personal realities, feeling of rejection, alienation, desperation, sometimes anger but always hope. I set myself on rejecting all desires and breaking all the barriers - just because they were there, my personal limitations. I could feel that no matter how high or low I would go there would always be a higher or lower point, no matter how much I would be tricked into believieng that there is nothing there beyond. With time I understood that the meaning of this seemingly vicious circle is learning about hope, learning about taking - and learning about giving. With time I knew that this circle is not vicious - but just a circle, and seeing it turning and feeling it move gives me the feeling of being alive and at peace.

On my way of searching for clarity, purity and straightforwardness of expression I started using paints squeezed straight out from the tubes instead of mixing colors while painting. Having certain feeling or an image in mind, I could not wait to create it on paper and in fact the whole process of preparation somehow was making me irritated. Ideally, I was aiming at instantaneously expressing my inspiration and all my feelings on canvas raw, as they are, rather then trying to recreate them. It would spoil the painting. I felt that designing an image, mixing colors and the actual painting - was unpure. I wanted to eliminate this whole process to zero. Involving my conscious mind in the creation would distort it, so I wanted to totally loose myself when creating, throw away my ego and become totally possessed by it, get rid of who I was and what was the subject. Only the feeling mattered, following the inspiration, calling me, teasing...

From using straightforward colors, I started playing with accidental shapes that I would create using sponges, stancils or just pouring and splattering ink directly on the paper using the magical shapes as landmarks and guides taking me towards my perfect creation, total integrity, somewhere out there waiting, almost material but faraway - as I thought at the moment...

I started painting only in black and white, and eventually found sumie. And with it I found the mist I was searching for, not far away as I first expected but right here, closer than beside me, right in me...

As an art form, sumie gave me all of the elements of creating I was searching for in art: selflesness, purity, chaos, intensity, power, perfection, relax and discipline - all together only found in nature, my greatest teacher.

Take a look at some examples of my modern art, representing my growth towards sumie.
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