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One of my many passions are turtles. I have created a website dedicated entirely to snapping turtles. There is a lot of information there about wild snappers, their biology, characters and habits, but also a whole lot about keeping them happy and healthy as pets. There is also a gallery with a bunch of great photographs of turtles. Take a look ! Click the image below:

Snapping Turtle Page

The rest of the links on this page are my other personal projects, samples of my work done for clients, collaboration with other artists on variety of projects and a bunch of links to web sites which I simply find interesting or useful.


  Animal Photography Page
 Antique Page
 Ball Python Page
 Boa Constrictor Page
 Snapping Turtle Page

And below few other samples of web sites designed and hand-coded by me:

  Irish Linen Memorial
 Rainier Beach Community
 Art by Lycia Danielle Trouton
 Cre8rix Productions
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