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The HTML code for the Sumie and Modern Art by Stan Gielewski website was written by Stan Gielewski using Windows Notepad and for changing large numbers of files Cute HTML v4.0.

The graphics on this website are based on original photographs taken by Stan Gielewski with Nikon FE while his stay in Japan.

All graphics are done by Stan Gielewski using his imagination, Adobe Photoshop v5.5 and opitmized with Ulead SmartSaver Pro v3.0.

All images on this web site are CopyRight © Stan Gielewski 2001 - 2006 and prohibited from copying by third parties.

The files were uploaded to the server using Cute FTP v4.0.

Anyone interested in having a website or graphics designed by Stan Gielewski, please contact him at:


CopyRight © Stan Gielewski 2001 - 2006